Fabulous Chiffon

This piece is done for my own.
As I don't want to use an extra pin, I did it in one piece.
It means the Outer and the Inner were stitched together.

It is a bit pricey due to tedious work. As the chiffon is very soft, it takes hours to cut & sew. I can sew 3 ordinary tudung, for the same time consumption. But believe me, the price offered is much cheaper than The Famous Boutique.

You can have the same style in 2 pieces. So that, the Inner can be used with other tudung or selendang.
You can opt for less, more or without bling-bling.
Pls contact me for details.

Color : Milo Brown
Awning : Thai Silk
Inner : Jersey
Outer : Chiffon Silk